Bumpdate: Week 25

At this point of the pregnancy, basically I’m feeling great, and not a whole lot seems to change other than the size of my baby bump and the intensity of Baby Groot’s kicks and punches. ¬†Now is the time that I’m really enjoying being pregnant and basically everyone notices ūüôā Thankfully, I haven’t had any uninvited belly-touching (yet) and I pray people continue to stay away.

Weirdest Moments

Wednesday. That was a weird day. First of all, while at work, we ran out of water bottles which is really bad considering I go through at least 4 while I’m there and the air conditioning WAS NOT WORKING. ¬†Luckily other girls at work complained about the lack of water so I was the lucky one who got nominated to go to Costco to stock up. ¬†I guess that’s what I get for being a member of that exclusive club that is willing to work.

So, off I headed in the 100+ degree weather in a car with no air conditioning. Thankfully I was able to find a nice employee at Costco to load up the 8 pallets of water I needed and my sweet, sweet Nate came to my rescue to help load up the car and unload at work. ¬†After we were done with all of that and Nate headed back to his day, I spent the next 40 minutes at work trying to cool down. I’m not kidding when I say that I was¬†dripping¬†with sweat, my face was¬†beet red,¬†and I had a difficulty breathing. ¬†Did I mention it was 90+ degrees in that building?! So, I downed about 3 of those water bottles in an hour, had a co-worker soak paper towels in ice-cold water and draped them around my neck.

I thought that would have been the weirdest parts of the week, but I was in for a surprise. ¬†About 40 minutes before I was off work, I got a call from Nate saying that he was in the hospital. ¬†He had been there to support a guy in our ward who was getting out of surgery when he- Nate- passed out and caught himself with his face. My mom came to my aid to go make sure he was ok (because I have no a.c. in my car, remember?) and we found Nate in a hospital bed in the E.R. ¬†Guys…¬†drink water.¬†We are 90% sure that Nate passed out because he was dehydrated after being my night-in-shining-armor and being in a hospital- which apparently often makes him feel uneasy.


Now, we have him on a strict “diet” of >80 oz. of water per day. ¬†Honestly that is a huge improvement from his meager 30-ish oz. he usually got. ¬†He ended up having an IV and a few stiches in his chin while in the ER.

Most Excited For

After seeing my mom lounging on a tube on the lake today, I’ve decided that I would really like to be able to lay on my belly again. ¬†Not that I do it a lot, but man… when you can’t, you¬†really, really¬†want to. ¬†I’m also really excited to continue feeling as great as I am and to have my pregnancy going so well. ¬†This week Nate found a news clip of a tiny baby that was born at 24 weeks in Idaho and while he did survive, the path is going to be long and hard. I continue to pray every day for everything to continue on as well as it has been, especially for our baby.

Best Moments

Easily, our day at the lake. For weeks now, I’ve been dreaming of feeling weightless while I float in a pool of water. ¬†To have the weight being off of my back and my feet and hips sounds sooo dreamy. ¬†I probably spent about an hour just floating today. ¬†I could literally feel my spine relaxing and almost lengthening. ¬†Plus, the added bonus of having nothing to worry about while out on the lake was pure bliss. ¬†I only wish I could float and feel weightless more often… Especially when I’m farther along and it’s too cold to be in the lake… ¬†If anyone has a pool I can hang out in whenever I want, I’d be much obliged ūüėČ

We also had an¬†amazing¬†meal today for dinner. ¬†Nate spent several hours nursing ribs on our friend’s smoker. ¬†We had fresh¬†hand shucked corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, perfectly sweet watermelon and finished it off with peanut butter bars. ¬†I wish you could have seen Nate’s face as he ate the ribs… His eyes rolled back in his head and a huge grin covered his face. ¬†After I announced to the fam that Baby Groot seemed to be enjoying the meal, too, Nate told him it was “Man Food”. ūüôā


Here is to enjoying week 26 ūüôā Today, Baby Groot is supposed to be about 13.7 inches long and roughly 1.5 lbs! We are getting more and more excited to meet our little man. Especially Nate, who continues to have more and more sweet and intimate moments with my little baby bump ūüôā You have no idea how endearing that is.




Bumpdate: Week 24

So it’s officially been 10 weeks since we found out we were having a little boy! ¬†I can’t tell you just how excited we are, especially as we dream of the boy and man he will become. Nate and I talk about dreaming a ton, and we have a lot of our dreams mapped out and written down (cause how else do they become a reality), but now having another person involved in our dreams gives us more of a reason to win in life. ¬†Yes, we always wanted kids and talked about what life would be like when we have them and what sort of life we wanted to provide for them, but somehow having this little guy arriving in a few short months gets us that much more excited. It’s seemed to help open our eyes for all the of real possibilities that we actually have access to.

So, to quote Nacho Libre, “let‚Äôs get down to the nitty gritty.”

Weirdest Moments

Well, I guess I should start with last Sunday. ¬†I had the absolute worst headache I think I’ve ever had in my life. So much pain that it made me nauseous, and there were a few things to blame.

1. Pregnant, so weird things happen.

2. While at business meetings, I hardly drank anything… Maybe 20 oz. per day, which is a big step down from my standard 100.

3. I was extremely tight in my neck, which for me is always a recipe for disaster.

Add to that headache the horrible discomfort of being backed up for several days and I had the worst night of my pregnancy yet. ¬†My dad tried to do a neck release for me, but I wouldn’t let him in… (energy speak… I really don’t know what all of that means)¬†So we ended up holding my feet in place (more energy stuff) and I felt better for a second, but then my nausea came back even worse than before and my left shoulder blade started to¬†kill.¬†When Nate and I made it home, I quickly dressed into pajamas then laid in bed. ¬†The nausea and headache were back with vengeance and I cried myself to sleep.

A little while later, I woke up with incredible pain in my jaw- so bad that I wished I could just break it, because I thought that would feel better, and some weird pain in my left elbow. I don’t understand it, but it was the worst thing thus far.

The rest of this week has been pretty okay except for Friday and Saturday when my coccyx hurt… and it’s still going. ¬†After doing research, I’ve found that it’s very normal during pregnancy. ¬†So not only had this little baby been pushing out farther and farther everyday putting normal strain on my back, I can’t get much relief from sitting anymore because of this odd coccyx pain… Oh well.

Food Cravings

Starting to wonder if I should even put this category on here.

Most Excited For

I’m excited to have my hormones back to “normal”. ¬†I’m already a fairly emotional person, but with all of these pregnancy hormones going, I feel like everything is right on the surface and the smallest things will push me over the edge. ¬†It‚Äôs hard when things go wrong at work, so there especially I’ve had to withdraw myself.

It’s even harder having one of my absolute favorite people in the world out of my life in a way for the next 2 years, especially when I only get to hear about how he is doing once a week. ¬†Today in Sacrament Meeting, I felt like everything that was being said was meant for Matt, but obviously he wasn’t there, so I basically just sat the entire meeting thinking about him. ¬†To top it off, our closing song was “God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again”. I was fine for the first half, but then my emotions had their way with me and I found myself balling in the middle of the congregation. ¬†The floodgates were opened and I was practically soaking my sweater. ¬†By the time the song and prayer were over, my nose was all runny, too, so you bet I was the first one out those doors as I ran for the bathroom to clean myself up. ¬†Ahh gotta love the pregnancy hormones.

Best Moments

Honestly, this week as I continue to “pop out”, it’s been way fun to see Nate look at my bump and get this HUGE grin on his face. ¬†I love seeing how excited and proud he is. ¬†It’s the best when I catch him “watching” the baby and he doesn’t even know I’ve seen him beaming at my stomach haha. Every day I get home from work, he comes to give me a hug and then either love-taps the bump or puts his head down to it and starts talking to it. ¬†I can tell he is going to be the best dad and it makes me so so happy.


Bumpdate: Week 23

Bit late for my normal bumpdate posts, but I had a rough day yesterday- more on that next week.  Anyways, here we are at the end of week 23- only 17 left!

Weirdest Moments

This week I feel like my little baby bump really popped out. I had several people from my church and my dad comment on how “large” I looked this week. I actually had one lady ask if I was having twins- because she popped out huge too when she had her twins. ¬†I think the weirdest thing is how I went in about 1 week from being able to wear almost all of my shirts to only being able to wear about 6 of my shirts… I guess I’ll have to do the inevitable and go buy some clothes (one of my least favorite things, ever).


This week we had business meetings in Vegas which meant sitting for about 8 hours a day with little time to actually get around to walk. ¬†There was also no place to fill water bottles up except bathroom sinks, so I unfortunatley had 2.5 days where I couldn’t get enough water. ¬†So not only did I have incredible back pain, so by the time I left, my feet were huge.

Food Cravings

Don’t expect much for this section guys- sorry.

Most Excited For

I’m way excited to feel this babe start to really get active. ¬†I think that this is about the month that the baby will become a real busy body after everything I’ve read, so I’m excited for that. Ready for a little bit of interaction between him and us.

Best Moments

I’ve started to notice patterns of when Baby Groot moves a lot more. ¬†It’s fun to recognize that he either needs food or is enjoying his food ūüôā ¬†There were a few days this week that I ended up getting pretty hungry before I got a chance to eat and I could definitely tell Baby Groot was as well. ¬†For a bit, he would get pretty active- almost an angry active like he was begging for food, then he would slow way down, probably from the lack of food. Then after I ate, about 10 minutes later I’d feel him getting active again.




Bumpdate: Week 22

This week. ¬†Ahh this week. ¬†This is has been one of the most dreaded weeks since I finally came to a realization that my little brother would¬†actually¬†be heading out on his mission. I believe full well that he is doing the right thing and couldn’t be prouder of his choice to go out and serve, but man it’s been incredibly difficult. ¬†We did however get the opportunity to go camping up at Jacob’s Lake, a little Inn just north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. ¬†It was a great break from the everyday worries and stress, especially work, and a nice way to keep our minds off of the temporary change in our family numbers. Anyways… Back to the Bumpdate.

Weirdest Moments

I’ll say this one thing: being backed up is no joke. Not fun. ¬†Like when you are starving but can’t imaging putting anything else into your body for fear that you might explode. ¬†Pain so bad you can barely walk and let the tears flow because at least you can control that… now my favorite thing is Metamucil.

Food Cravings

Nope. Nada. Zip, zilch- I’m starting to wonder if the pregnancy cravings are a myth and that often pregnant people just use growing a human as an excuse to eat odd things. ¬†I’m sure it’s not, but when I don’t have any cravings, you start to wonder.

Most Excited For

Well, this might be a slightly weird one, but I’m looking for my little man to stop slowing down around 10 p.m. ¬†Right now he seems to be super active around 11 pm which right now is not so bad, but when his little kicks and intense movements getting stronger, I can only hope that he will slow down as he gets bigger so that I can sleep.

Best Moments

Its been a hard week with Matt heading out. ¬†I’ll say that the best moments were when he was getting set apart. ¬†The Spirit finally gave me the comfort that I needed. ¬†It was a saving grace that my family and I had a family reunion to go to to take us out of our daily routine and away from everything that reminded us of my brother. ¬†Nate even wittled a Baby Groot figurine! See how cute?


Yet, Saturday night, we were back to life and back to reality. ¬†Nate was hungry and as we didn’t have food, I had to make boxed macaroni and cheese (which by the way, I ABSOLUTELY HATE). ¬†I hadn’t made that in probably 10 years when my brother could finally do it on his own. ¬†Well, with thoughts of my brother flooding back into my mind, I started crying. ¬†I now have to keep reminding myself of the same thing I told my brother before he entered the MTC, “Just take it one day at a time”. ¬†It’s not so bad when you do it that way, but sometimes you can’t help but through in thoughs like, “he wont be eating Sunday dinners with us for 2 whole years…” ¬†Gosh… ¬†Anyways, good moments, but sad moments.

Well, here is to a new week, a new day- hopefully better than the last. That is what we should be striving for, right? Betterment? I’m personally hoping to be better at working out. ¬†I’d hate to let myself go sooo much that giving birth is so bad because I haven’t prepared that I’m still hobbling around 6 months later. Ick!

Have a great week!


Bumpdate: Week 21

This week has been interesting for many reasons, but I’d rather not go into them as my “pregnancy hormones” are sure to take over and I’ll cry over my keyboard. ¬†Not that anyone that reads this would notice, and I’ve yet to see the physical evidence of crying on a computer screen (thank goodness this is not a physical journal, right?)

Anyways, lets get down to business.

Weirdest Moments

Nothing really to write home about.  Just some pain in my nether regions that no one wants to hear about. (oops, I guess you just did)

Food Cravings

Not anything crazy yet. ¬†I really only want seafood, but honestly, it’s nothing new. Maybe I just notice it more because everytime I read about what-to-eat-during-pregnancy, everything says to eat fish like twice a week, and I am so cheap that I won’t do it…

however…¬†our next door neighbors made some awesome Smoked Salmon and Garlic Shrimp Friday night on their smoker and gave us a nice helping of it… SOOOO good. ¬†Its times like that that I wish I lived on the coast and had access to¬†fresh¬†seafood at a¬†lower cost. (Dreams, right?)

Most Excited For

I’m so excited for Nate to be able to feel our little guy moving. ¬†He pushes on my belly and talks to him nearly everyday trying to get something.

Best Moments

Started to FINALLY feel Baby Groot! ¬†It feels more like a flick or like when you start to cut off your circulation to your arm and that pulse/twitch that you feel everytime your heart beats. ¬†It’s so exciting to not only¬†see¬†that he is growing, but to be able to feel that he is in there and doing ok.

I also got to hang out with some of my closest friends to catch up and eat FroYo. ¬†Love those girls! ¬†There is a reason they are counted among my best friends. ¬†They have such great insights on life, and are totally grounded and smart about everything they do. ¬†I think the best part is that I don’t feel like I am walking on egg shells everytime I’m around them, which is like almost everyone out there these days. Whats even better is feeling totally confident in that we have each others backs and that there isn’t “back-talking” happening the moment you leave. ‚̧

And I can’t forget today. ¬†After being edified at church, we got to eat an amazing Brisket that Nate made today and spend the remainder with my family. ¬†I guess that last part is a little bitter-sweet as we are basically 2 days away from the best kid in the world heading out… Well, here come the tears (thank goodness none of you can see this)

Bumpdate: Week 20

Today I have reached 20 weeks, which means I’m halfway through. ¬†I have been thinking of doing weekly pictures for a while now, but keep forgetting, so now that I’m halfway through, I feel the need to do this more so we can watch our little baby grow ūüôā ¬†Before I get started on this week, I thought I’d live a quick recap of what has been going on in the first half of my pregnancy.

We found out we were expecting at 4w4d (4 weeks, 4 days) the day before my brother-in-law’s wedding. ¬†My husband was quite shocked that it happened so fast, but after the initial shock and after watching the happy couple get sealed for Eternity, I think he was finally able to get excited. We told Nate’s parents the night after the reception, his older brother & sister-in-law the day after, and my parents and brother on our week 5 mark. ¬†It was fun to see all of their reactions as this will be the first grandchild on both sides. ¬†My poor brother was a little upset that he was going to miss the birth and the first year and a half of this little one’s life as he will be leaving on his mission soon.

I had about 3 days of “morning sickness” during week 6 and other than that, I have been feeling pretty good aside from the first trimester sleepiness and a few days of the cold (which is made much worse when you can’t take any medication to alleviate the pain and uncomfortableness.

Our doctor has his patients do about 4 ultrasounds (week 8, 12, 16 & 20) but the way we had to schedule things we did them during weeks 9, 14 and 19. ¬†We found out the gender pretty easily at week 14 as the ultrasound tech was passing the scope over the little babe, and got super excited to be welcoming as our first child a baby boy! ¬†When we sent out the text to our immediate family to let them know we would be doing a quick gender reveal that evening, we sent a picture of the baby’s face as seen on the ultrasound. My mom quickly noticed how similar he looked to Baby Groot which has been his nickname ever since.19250523_10155438953807733_1988058256061413578_o002_1499652272778

Now that you are caught up, here is a little “bumpdate” of week 20:

Weirdest Moments

I had some pretty bad hip/lower back pain.  It got pretty uncomfortable if I stood and then turned to go somewhere else. Felt pretty good as long as I kept moving.

The weirdest part this week was on Friday. Luckily, I didn’t have to work because my eyesight was horrible! I felt like I didn’t have my contacts in, but I could hardly read either. Not fun.

Food Cravings

Really haven’t had any cravings at all. ¬†All I want is water, and seafood, which really is nothing new.

Most Excited For

Definitely most excited to feel our boy move around. ¬†Sadly, my placenta is right in between the baby and my belly so I can’t feel him at all… Nate keeps pushing on my belly to hopefully feel him move before I do, but there’s nothing :/

Best Moments

We got our big ultrasound this week where we got all the measurments of Baby Groot. It is incredible to see the little guy moving around so much and our excitement to see him grows everytime. ¬†I’m slightly sad that this was our last ultrasound, but thankfully we got it recorded so we can watch it anytime now. ¬†We did find out that he is about 2 days ahead of schedule (size-wise) as of Tuesday. He was measuring at 19w4d instead of 19w2d and measured at 11 oz, which is bigger than he is expected to be this coming week according to all of my pregnancy apps I have (realiable, I know… they know better than the doctor ;P)

The other best moment this week was getting to hear my brother speak about prepping for his mission (he leaves in 10 days… may or may not be freaking out right now…) The last few weeks have been interesting as I’ve wondered if my baby brother was ready to travel to the other side of the world and basically be on his own. ¬†I felt many emotions today as he spoke of his anxieties and inadequacies that he has felt over the last little while when things have started to become more real for him. ¬†But then to hear him talk about how he got a reassurance that he is being watched over, and that our loving Father knows his struggles, made me realize just how ready he is. ¬†As I sat in the congregation at church today, I reflected on the many “farewells” I’ve gone to and realized that he is so ready. ¬†I wanted to stand up and proclaim to the congregation that HE IS READY! ¬†Most of my fears were calmed as I felt the strong Spirit and realized that he was understanding the purpose of his mission and thought of the families in the Philipines that were waiting to hear the Gospel.¬†Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg



Insert Clever Caption Here:

Summer is in full swing and my Insta feed is crammed full of people posting adorably cute photos of themselves doing things that everyone else wishes they could do in the summer. I know sooo many of you (haha) will be sad to hear that I am not one of those people… I’m not the photogenic girl that can post an “instagram worthy” selfie every hour with a clever, cute or sassy caption, and to be honest, even if I COULD, it’s really not me.

As the few people that read these posts know, I am not even a blogger. Meaning, I can go 6 months without posting anything. The reality of all of this is that I can’t just flap my metaphorical jaw once a week to produce a blog post. I prefer to write something I feel has a little substance. Yet, I don’t write anything for the public eye (except when I do post some recipes or how-to’s), either. I started this blog as a way to write my own thoughts down because I am much stronger at voicing my opinions in written form than I am verbalizing it, and my husband and parents can easily atest to that fact. ¬†I decided to share these thoughts because I thought that maybe someone else out there can relate, or at least I hope I’m not the only crazy one out there who thinks like me ūüôā So for those of you who read, just know that I had to vomit my thoughts out ūüôā Sometimes I can only go for so long with this stuff jumbled in my head before I start to go crazy.

I think some of my favorite people in the public eye right now are the 2 women off of #IMOMSOHARD. Why? Because I love that they tell it how it is. ¬†Life is tough and really not that “instagram picture worthy”. ¬†I saw their post today on instagram where one of them had tried on one of those smoothing tank tops that is supposed to kind of suck everthing in and smooth out all of the unwanted curves women tend to get. ¬†I loved the post because it was so real, so honest. ¬†Lets just say the tank did nothing to smooth this lady’s curves out. ¬†I don’t know why, but it hit me hard as I continued to scroll through and saw people posting pictures of them basically being models as they surfed in Hawaii and posed in their brand new $130 swim suits (WHAT?! Sorry, no matter how cute, I’m way too cheap for that!) that I realized how hard it is to truly want to show who you TRULY are, at least on Social Media. And really, if you are one of these super talented and lucky people who do get to travel and are able to take beautiful pictures, keep going! Honestly, all I’m saying is BE YOU. ¬†I would say the mass majority of people aren’t able to take the pics that are really “Insta Worthy” as we see every day of our lives.

I’m definitely not saying that those people who posted the perfect pics with the clever captions are not being true to themselves, but after seeing their posts about their seemingly perfect lives, its hard to want to post anything about my own life. I don’t get to travel all that often like my absolute favorite Hailey and Brad Devine, and aren’t their kids the cutest? I dream of having an occupation that lets me do exactly what they do! However, my life is spent working hard to help people find pieces they love to adorn their blank walls and decorate¬†their homes. ¬†I don’t get to take pictures of that sort of thing at work (or have the skill to make any of what I do look beautiful like others can). Then, when I come home, I make dinner and do the laundry and clean up dinner and half the time, I forget to go an check my garden before I am worn out and ready to sleep or veg out. ¬†The only pictures I post, as most of you know are of the food creations I make. ¬†The reason I post those is not because I get paid to do it, or because I created a super awesome new receipe everyone should try, but rather because I wanted to show that you can make a home cooked meal ūüôā Because if we are honest, if I can do it, I promise you can do it.

Now, I love my life. I love pretty much everything about it including all of it’s ups and downs. ¬†That roller coaster is what makes life¬†that much more exciting¬†to me. ¬†The lows in life make all of the triumphs even more thrilling and joyous. ¬†I love that right now I am stressing about making sure I have enough food to feed 30 women and girls within our budget. ¬†I love the growth that comes from trying hard things and how rewarding it will be when I am able to help someone else do the same thing and teach them how to do things better than I ever did. ¬†The joy is always in the journey. ¬†I don’t get to travel like many of the instagrammers I follow do, but I do get to see my handsome husband every day. I get to see my family once a week and we get to see Nate’s at least once a month. ¬†I feel soo many immeasurable blessings in my life, but I can’t take a picture of them.

So ladies and gents. ¬†Know that you are doing okay in life. ¬†So what if you have a slightly messy house with laundry piling your bedroom floor waiting to be folded or washed. ¬†If you hear your little ones laughing and see their smiling faces beaming at you when you come home from work or when you place dinner on the table, I think you are doing pretty great. ¬†As Carrian from Oh, Sweet Basil¬†said in her last instagram post, we are definitely not all Pinterest “Wonder Women” moms or women who have everything “Pinterest Perfect”, but if we are being kind to those around us, teaching our kids to support each other and get some of the chores or errands done we had on our to-do-list, we are winning.

Love God, love yourself, love your family and love your life.  It is only as good as you make it.