Bumpdate: Week 30

Holy cow! What a difference this week has been compared to last week.  The only thing that lingers on is heartburn, but sadly I think that’s going to continue through the end 😦

Best Moments 

Highlight of this week was definitely my baby shower that my lovely mom threw.  We had a great turn out and people were so generous!  I’m always amazed at how amazing, helpful and kind people are!  We are almost set 🙂 Obviously, we don’t have “everything” but we are just about to the point that if I had this little guy tomorrow I wouldn’t panic too much 🙂  I think the only thing I’m really trying to get figured out is the dresser situation. My sweet, sweet Great-Grandma gave me a little “dresser” as she called it, but I’m not sure how much clothing it will actually hold, so I’ll have to use it for other items.

Rock and Play Electric Rocker

(Sad thing, I’m sure there were a few people that we didn’t get an invitation to… Nothing personal, we just did it all on Facebook and to be honest, I’ve got major pregnancy brain as of late so there were several I’m sure I forgot… Very sorry! Love you all! For those in northern Utah, we are trying to get something together the last time we come up before the baby arrives, so don’t feel too bad if you weren’t able to make it! We’re trying to get something in the works)

Another favorite of mine this week was verbally hearing how excited Nate is for his “little Buddy” to come.  Almost every night as Nate and I are winding down from the day, Nate either lays on my ever-growing belly or pokes it asking if he is moving.  When he is moving, then he is soo happy.  If not, he frowns and says “Wake him up! I want him to come and play!”  Then he’ll follow it up by saying, “Can’t we just get him out right now?”  Obviously, he knows Baby Groot has to keep on growing, but it’s cute to see how exciting Nate is.  It makes me fall in love with my best friend again and again.

Weirdest Moments

I ate a hot dog.  If I’m honest, I don’t really like hot dogs all that much anyways, I’d much rather have a Brattwurst or hamburger, so don’t ask me why I actually ate a hot dog, especially when it didn’t even sound good.  But I did and I immediately regretted it.  Nastiest thing ever.  I haven’t felt more naseaus this whole time.

Second weirdest thing this week has been feeling soo heavy that everything I sit on hurts my butt 🙂  No joke, I always feel like I’m sitting on cement :/  I might start to feel bad about myself and thinking I’m fat if I didn’t have people literally every day say how little I look especially for being as far along as I am haha. Even as I’m typing this out, I keep shifting in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position.  Soon I’ll just head to bed and not worry about it anymore.

Most Excited For

Nesting has officially set in.  I’ve started to clean out and organize everything.  I did the pantry Wednesday and under my bathroom sink today right after church.  If I find the time and energy this week (working everyday Mon-Saturday…) then I might tackle the “craft closet” aka nursery closet.  This is why I’ll need a good size dresser: We have 3 closets TOTAL in the whole house- the pantry, the master closet and the closet in our second bedroom.  So, I don’t have a whole lot of space for anything, which means the “guest” or “nursery” closet has become the “craft” closet where I keep all of my craft stuff, wrapping paper, photos, important docs, sewing machine, and the like in there.  I don’t and won’t have enough space for Baby in the closet unless I get some real good organization going.

So… I’m most excited to get the nursery put all together at this point.  Ready to have it all set up and in place because 1) It’s driving me crazy thinking I don’t have it done and 2) I want to get as much complete as I can while I still am feeling this good and am mobile enough to actually do it.  I don’t think Nate gets that part of it… I’m only going to get less and less mobile, so its best to get it all done now instead of him hating me for bugging and bossing him around down the road to get things done the way I want it to be done 🙂 Peace of mind is what I’m excited for.

By the way, we are trying to decide on what kind of stroller/car seat combo to get right now.  I keep seeing Graco Click Connect travel systems that seem to hit all the criteria and not be crazy expensive… Any thoughts from you much wiser and experienced mamas out there?

‘Til next week!


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