Bumpdate: Week 26 & 27

So, I kind of, maybe sort of, forgot to write last week, so this post will do double duty. Luckily, they are almost 100% different so I can compare them pretty easily.

Week 26 was one of the “hardest” weeks to date.  Not that it was really a bad week, but I was definitely more uncomfortable this week than I have been any other week. I had a lot of back pain along my spine and in my back-hip area.  Muscle “spasms” that were very uncomfortable and the feeling that I had to have my lower “hip” popped but it won’t… Ugh.

Week 27 on the other hand, was one of the easiest and most comfortable I’ve been.  Lately, I haven’t been scheduled as much as I wanted at work and this week I finally got closer to the hours I wanted and I was comfortable the entire week. Yesterday at work was crazy and I felt like I was running everywhere and doing everything all day long and yet I was fine (yay!).  However, I was only able to drink about 16 oz. of water during the whole time I was at work which is about 1/4 if not less of what I normally drink just while at work, so today I definitely am feeling it.

Weirdest Moments

Week 26: For the first time, I wasn’t able to sleep on my back. I know that saying that a lot of people will think I haven’t done the whole pregnancy thing right up to this point because “you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back”, but I’ve done my research and what I’ve found is that your body knows. If you naturally tend to roll back onto your back at night, it must be alright.

Week 27: This one doesn’t have much to do with the pregnancy, but it was still totally bizarre! I got off of work at 2 on Thursday and for some reason felt like I should go visit Nate at work.  So, I talked to Nate for a while then he decided he could head home and do some work there.  He got in his car, but it wouldn’t start.  It didn’t even sound like it was trying… After so many troubles with the car, this kind of made up my mind that we were done with it. Luckily (or maybe I was just lead by the Spirit) I was there with Nate so I was able to help him try to jump the car and when nothing worked, I could take him home.   Come to find out that Nate’s car key had lost its chip in Nate’s pants which he found later that night… Long story short, car is still running, but it was a wakeup call. We definitely realized it was time to make a change, especially with Baby Groot on his way, so we had a good and reliable car… And here it is:

Most Excited For

I think this is the same for both weeks.  As the baby’s kicks and punches and movements continue to get easier to feel, Nate and I get more and more excited to be able to see the movements 🙂 Nate especially since when I get to feel the baby’s movement all the time and he rarely gets to feel them, he is excited to get to see the movement instead of just guessing on where to feel haha.

Best Moments

Week 26: This week was nice because we were able to travel up north to see Nate’s family. We haven’t been able to go up since May so it was awesome to be able to see them and spend time with them.  Nate also was able to devote a lot of time to work while we were up there so it was a very productive weekend! We also got a little bit of time to run up for a few hours and see my Great-Grandma Kemp (who is 100 by the way).  I know that seeing different faces always brightens her day and she always brightens ours, so it is nice to be able to spend any time at all with her.  I did try to convince her to hang around at least long enough to get a 5-generation photo once the baby gets here 🙂 Oh, and Utah won the game 🙂

Week 27: This had been my favorite week by far!  Baby Groot has had some AWESOME huge movements that almost make me jump but mostly smile 🙂 Wednesday night while all of us were out getting tacos at El Cayote Charro, I was able to let my brother feel him moving around. He was kind of playing, too. Matt put his hand on one side to feel him and Baby Groot moved to the other side, then right back after Matt took his hand off 🙂 It was so much fun to see the excitement on Matt’s face.

So, here is to the last trimester! As Nate was looking at our pregnancy app this morning to see how big the baby should be, he mentioned the baby is about 2 pounds right now… All I could think was “that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for the baby to gain 4+ pounds to be ready to come out”… So excited, but crazy to think how much growth still has to happen in just 3 short months.

Anyways, friends. Have an amazing week.  We pray that your week is full of productivity, positivity, and love (and that our weeks don’t end up being too unbearable :))




Bumpdate: Week 25

At this point of the pregnancy, basically I’m feeling great, and not a whole lot seems to change other than the size of my baby bump and the intensity of Baby Groot’s kicks and punches.  Now is the time that I’m really enjoying being pregnant and basically everyone notices 🙂 Thankfully, I haven’t had any uninvited belly-touching (yet) and I pray people continue to stay away.

Weirdest Moments

Wednesday. That was a weird day. First of all, while at work, we ran out of water bottles which is really bad considering I go through at least 4 while I’m there and the air conditioning WAS NOT WORKING.  Luckily other girls at work complained about the lack of water so I was the lucky one who got nominated to go to Costco to stock up.  I guess that’s what I get for being a member of that exclusive club that is willing to work.

So, off I headed in the 100+ degree weather in a car with no air conditioning. Thankfully I was able to find a nice employee at Costco to load up the 8 pallets of water I needed and my sweet, sweet Nate came to my rescue to help load up the car and unload at work.  After we were done with all of that and Nate headed back to his day, I spent the next 40 minutes at work trying to cool down. I’m not kidding when I say that I was dripping with sweat, my face was beet red, and I had a difficulty breathing.  Did I mention it was 90+ degrees in that building?! So, I downed about 3 of those water bottles in an hour, had a co-worker soak paper towels in ice-cold water and draped them around my neck.

I thought that would have been the weirdest parts of the week, but I was in for a surprise.  About 40 minutes before I was off work, I got a call from Nate saying that he was in the hospital.  He had been there to support a guy in our ward who was getting out of surgery when he- Nate- passed out and caught himself with his face. My mom came to my aid to go make sure he was ok (because I have no a.c. in my car, remember?) and we found Nate in a hospital bed in the E.R.  Guys… drink water. We are 90% sure that Nate passed out because he was dehydrated after being my night-in-shining-armor and being in a hospital- which apparently often makes him feel uneasy.


Now, we have him on a strict “diet” of >80 oz. of water per day.  Honestly that is a huge improvement from his meager 30-ish oz. he usually got.  He ended up having an IV and a few stiches in his chin while in the ER.

Most Excited For

After seeing my mom lounging on a tube on the lake today, I’ve decided that I would really like to be able to lay on my belly again.  Not that I do it a lot, but man… when you can’t, you really, really want to.  I’m also really excited to continue feeling as great as I am and to have my pregnancy going so well.  This week Nate found a news clip of a tiny baby that was born at 24 weeks in Idaho and while he did survive, the path is going to be long and hard. I continue to pray every day for everything to continue on as well as it has been, especially for our baby.

Best Moments

Easily, our day at the lake. For weeks now, I’ve been dreaming of feeling weightless while I float in a pool of water.  To have the weight being off of my back and my feet and hips sounds sooo dreamy.  I probably spent about an hour just floating today.  I could literally feel my spine relaxing and almost lengthening.  Plus, the added bonus of having nothing to worry about while out on the lake was pure bliss.  I only wish I could float and feel weightless more often… Especially when I’m farther along and it’s too cold to be in the lake…  If anyone has a pool I can hang out in whenever I want, I’d be much obliged 😉

We also had an amazing meal today for dinner.  Nate spent several hours nursing ribs on our friend’s smoker.  We had fresh hand shucked corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, perfectly sweet watermelon and finished it off with peanut butter bars.  I wish you could have seen Nate’s face as he ate the ribs… His eyes rolled back in his head and a huge grin covered his face.  After I announced to the fam that Baby Groot seemed to be enjoying the meal, too, Nate told him it was “Man Food”. 🙂


Here is to enjoying week 26 🙂 Today, Baby Groot is supposed to be about 13.7 inches long and roughly 1.5 lbs! We are getting more and more excited to meet our little man. Especially Nate, who continues to have more and more sweet and intimate moments with my little baby bump 🙂 You have no idea how endearing that is.