Insert Clever Caption Here:

Summer is in full swing and my Insta feed is crammed full of people posting adorably cute photos of themselves doing things that everyone else wishes they could do in the summer. I know sooo many of you (haha) will be sad to hear that I am not one of those people… I’m not the photogenic girl that can post an “instagram worthy” selfie every hour with a clever, cute or sassy caption, and to be honest, even if I COULD, it’s really not me.

As the few people that read these posts know, I am not even a blogger. Meaning, I can go 6 months without posting anything. The reality of all of this is that I can’t just flap my metaphorical jaw once a week to produce a blog post. I prefer to write something I feel has a little substance. Yet, I don’t write anything for the public eye (except when I do post some recipes or how-to’s), either. I started this blog as a way to write my own thoughts down because I am much stronger at voicing my opinions in written form than I am verbalizing it, and my husband and parents can easily atest to that fact.  I decided to share these thoughts because I thought that maybe someone else out there can relate, or at least I hope I’m not the only crazy one out there who thinks like me 🙂 So for those of you who read, just know that I had to vomit my thoughts out 🙂 Sometimes I can only go for so long with this stuff jumbled in my head before I start to go crazy.

I think some of my favorite people in the public eye right now are the 2 women off of #IMOMSOHARD. Why? Because I love that they tell it how it is.  Life is tough and really not that “instagram picture worthy”.  I saw their post today on instagram where one of them had tried on one of those smoothing tank tops that is supposed to kind of suck everthing in and smooth out all of the unwanted curves women tend to get.  I loved the post because it was so real, so honest.  Lets just say the tank did nothing to smooth this lady’s curves out.  I don’t know why, but it hit me hard as I continued to scroll through and saw people posting pictures of them basically being models as they surfed in Hawaii and posed in their brand new $130 swim suits (WHAT?! Sorry, no matter how cute, I’m way too cheap for that!) that I realized how hard it is to truly want to show who you TRULY are, at least on Social Media. And really, if you are one of these super talented and lucky people who do get to travel and are able to take beautiful pictures, keep going! Honestly, all I’m saying is BE YOU.  I would say the mass majority of people aren’t able to take the pics that are really “Insta Worthy” as we see every day of our lives.

I’m definitely not saying that those people who posted the perfect pics with the clever captions are not being true to themselves, but after seeing their posts about their seemingly perfect lives, its hard to want to post anything about my own life. I don’t get to travel all that often like my absolute favorite Hailey and Brad Devine, and aren’t their kids the cutest? I dream of having an occupation that lets me do exactly what they do! However, my life is spent working hard to help people find pieces they love to adorn their blank walls and decorate their homes.  I don’t get to take pictures of that sort of thing at work (or have the skill to make any of what I do look beautiful like others can). Then, when I come home, I make dinner and do the laundry and clean up dinner and half the time, I forget to go an check my garden before I am worn out and ready to sleep or veg out.  The only pictures I post, as most of you know are of the food creations I make.  The reason I post those is not because I get paid to do it, or because I created a super awesome new receipe everyone should try, but rather because I wanted to show that you can make a home cooked meal 🙂 Because if we are honest, if I can do it, I promise you can do it.

Now, I love my life. I love pretty much everything about it including all of it’s ups and downs.  That roller coaster is what makes life that much more exciting to me.  The lows in life make all of the triumphs even more thrilling and joyous.  I love that right now I am stressing about making sure I have enough food to feed 30 women and girls within our budget.  I love the growth that comes from trying hard things and how rewarding it will be when I am able to help someone else do the same thing and teach them how to do things better than I ever did.  The joy is always in the journey.  I don’t get to travel like many of the instagrammers I follow do, but I do get to see my handsome husband every day. I get to see my family once a week and we get to see Nate’s at least once a month.  I feel soo many immeasurable blessings in my life, but I can’t take a picture of them.

So ladies and gents.  Know that you are doing okay in life.  So what if you have a slightly messy house with laundry piling your bedroom floor waiting to be folded or washed.  If you hear your little ones laughing and see their smiling faces beaming at you when you come home from work or when you place dinner on the table, I think you are doing pretty great.  As Carrian from Oh, Sweet Basil said in her last instagram post, we are definitely not all Pinterest “Wonder Women” moms or women who have everything “Pinterest Perfect”, but if we are being kind to those around us, teaching our kids to support each other and get some of the chores or errands done we had on our to-do-list, we are winning.

Love God, love yourself, love your family and love your life.  It is only as good as you make it.