Methodical Mondays: Meal Planning

Hello!  Welcome to my first edition of my Methodical Mondays series.  I will be alternating my posts every two weeks.  Last week I did my Tuesday Tips and Thankful Thursday posts. This week I will be doing Methodical Monday and Munchie Wednesday posts.

So as I prepare for this week, I have been getting a little anxious. Christmas is coming up fast and I’ve still got a lot of prepping to do.  I have a lot of Christmas gifts and birthday gifts I have to finish up by December 17, or else a lot of people wont be getting them until after… Gah! Not only that, but I am handmaking all of them.  Obviously, I wont be able to share what I’ve done until after the holidays.  They have been extremely fun though!  Along with the gifts, I am trying to finish up my tree which includes making my tree topper, and trying to figure out why the lights on the top 6 inches aren’t working…  Even with all of these deadlines seemingly breathing down my neck, I am thankful that I am busy with things that I enjoy.

As I look ahead and worry that I will be scrapping by to get all of these done in time, I am more and more grateful that I plan my meals ahead of time.  It takes a little pressure off every night to try and come up with a delicious meal when its already been planned and shopped for.  So, for this post I thought I’d share with you a few examples of my weekly meals that I have planned out, included this week’s.

Week 1

  • Monday: Broccoli Cheese Soup with Sourdough recipe
  • Tuesday: Chicken Crescent Rolls recipe
  • Wednesday: Balsamic Chicken & Veggies recipe
  • Thursday: Reuben Sandwich recipe
  • Friday: Pizza and Salad

Week 2

dec. 9
picture from
  • Monday: Roasted Asparagus-Mushroom Pasta in Lemon Cream Sauce recipe here
  •  Tuesday: Braised Italian Chicken (recipe from Our Best Bites cookbook)
  • Wednesday: Grilled Lemon Balsamic Chicken Caprese (recipe from Our Best Bites cookbook)
  • Thursday: Waffles
  • Friday: Pesto Mozzarella Chicken (my own recipe)

Week 3 (This Week) My husband specifically requested most of this week.  These are easy to make on your own without a recipe, but I thought I’d try what others have done.

I hope this is helpful to you, if not to inspire you to create a meal plan, then I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I have! Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?

Wishing you happiness,



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