November 18, 2015

Today I am grateful for love.

As I was leaving my house this morning to go to work, I saw an older couple that I’ve known for several years out on a walk.  As they walked, the man was guiding his barley responsive wife through every step.  Over the last few years, his wife’s mind has deteriorated quite badly to the point that she is hardly able to keep a conversation going anymore.

Every time I see this couple, I am reminded of what love really means.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be to watch his dear wife deteriorating so rapidly and to now have to step in and do nearly everything for her.  My hear just breaks thinking about it.  Still, he does everything for her with a smile on his face.  I know that he knows there are better days ahead, and at some point in the future, they will be able to spend eternity with each other without the physical ailments they are currently facing.

I think that love is more than just the feelings of now, its the dreams of the future and hopes for spending them all with the one you love most. Love is the unconditional acceptance of an individual and willingness to do anything for them to make their life easier and full of meaning.  Love is putting others above yourself, and that somehow brings you more happiness than seeking out your own happiness.

Not to say that you have to give up your dreams for love… I don’t think that is ever healthy.  However, I think when you are in love, your dreams tend to change and include the ones you love.  If the dreams you once had don’t include your loved ones, are they really as dreamy as you thought they would be?

I hope you all have love in your lives.  Tell those you love how much you do.  Don’t let fears get in the way- take the time now.  The three words “I love you” seem to have healing powers, they give courage, and they bring more happiness than any other words I can think of.

Wishing you happiness and love,




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