November 12, 2015

Today, I am thankful for Pinterest.  Ya, weird right?!  But really, I am.  I love that I can find new and amazing recipes, tutorials on cooking, tutorials on crafts, tutorials on anything DIY, physical wellness, and even hair ideas.  It’s such a great tool!  I know it’s probably a really dumb thing, but its honestly true.

I remember growing up and watching Martha Stewart with my mom and Great-Grandma.  Before her whole ordeal, she was the encyclopedia for everything household.  I don’t think I could personally tell you which stuff my mom learned from my extremely intelligent grandma or what she learned from Martha Stewart.  She taught everything from making wreaths, to how to work in your garden, and basic cooking skills.   Any of which, moms would find valuable.  So, since I don’t have Martha Stewart (or TV for that matter), I am thankful for Pinterest which links me to all of those blogger moms that can teach me how to do all of the things I don’t know- like crocheting, or for giving me even more recipes to add to my many cookbooks that we were given to us for our wedding.

I think one of my favorite things about Pinterest is that it is a database for anything, and everything you could think of.  I can find more of what I want on Pinterest than I can on Google (most of the time). With Pinterest, I have started to plan out my future home, stashed ideas I might need when I have kids, and stuffed my boards full of decorations ideas for the Holidays.

Thank you Pinterest for your amazing database.  For answering questions that I’m pretty sure I should have already known and was too nervous to ask about. For giving me ideas on how to cut and style my hair daily, and for connecting me with people of my own faith to help me find quotes, lesson plans, and other ideas for building a home centered around Christ. However, I don’t think any of this could ever replace the knowledge of those people around you that have done what you are now doing- your mom.  That I am more thankful for than Pinterest 😉

Wishing you happiness,



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