So Many Things…


This weekend I was visiting family and took a little break from posting.  So, here is the compilation of my thankful things from Friday to today.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Today, I am thankful for warm clothes.  When we got to our destination, it was freezing!  It actually started to snow…  I’m personally not a big fan of snow, so thankfully I don’t have to deal with it too often.  So, I am very, very thankful for my coat, gloves and scarf that I was wearing 🙂

Living in an area that high schoolers even get excited when they see a skiff of snow on the ground in the winter tends to make you a wimp.  I’m not ashamed of it though.  I grew up in the snow and cold, and while it is amazingly beautiful after it first snows, I don’t like the cold that comes with it.  Crazy, I know- but true…

Saturday, November 7, 2015

I’m grateful for the opportunities that my husband, Nate and I have to spend with our family.  We are very blessed to live so close to my parents and fairly close to my in-laws as well.  I love that we can go over to our family’s house for Sunday dinner, and I love that we get to spend holidays with them without having a lot of trouble with travel time or taking too much time off of work.

We both have such amazing families that I think it would be horrible to have to be more than a day’s drive away. We got to visit with one of Nate’s cousins today- Monday (which was the first time I got to meet them) and realized just how lucky we really are.  As we were talking,they mentioned how they were about 14 hours away from any family (except for us now).  We are incredibly fortunate.  I am so thankful for our opportunities to be with our family 🙂

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I’m grateful that our cars work.  We drive to Salt Lake at least once a month, so I’m glad that we have cars that we can rely on.  Sometimes the cars may make some weird sounds, but in all reality, we really able to rely on them.  Isn’t it fantastic to have such great blessings?  Its always my worst fear that we will be out of a car all of the sudden and have to buy another one… I’m grateful for us to have safety when we drive.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Today, I am grateful for my immune system.  For the last little bit, my husband and I have been kind of sick.  Luckily, we haven’t been bad enough to keep us down all day.  Actually, we both seem to feel pretty good during the day, which is a blessing in itself.  We are well enough to be able to go to work each day and get closer to making our dreams come true.

We do, unfortunately, feel bad in the morning and at night.  I was not feeling good at all this morning and wasn’t able to go to the gym with my husband.  But, again, I’m just glad I’m not “bedridden”.  So, I’m very glad we have such good immune systems.

I have loved writing what I am thankful for each day so far.  It is amazing to see how great our lives are when we really start to think about life and all we have.  We don’t have to struggle financially, we live close to our families and friends, we belong to an amazing church, and we get to learn everyday!  Life is wonderful, isn’t it.  I hope that while you go through these next few days, that you will start to think about all of the great things you have.  I found that when I write them down, life seems easier to bear, even when we are having little struggles.  So, take a second to think about those people in your life you couldn’t live without.  Be thankful for your health, your home, your clothes, your kids.  Life is really beautiful when you think about it.

Wishing you happiness,



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