Sweater Weather

Hi there 🙂 Day 3 of my Thankful Posts is here!  This is a weird one for me, but today I am thankful for it.  Sweater Weather. You know, when it gets cold enough outside that you can’t go outside to warm up in the sun, and to go outside at all requires at least a light jacket?  That is sweater weather.  It’s when you start to crave hot chocolate and sitting by the fire to relax.  This, however, is not to be confused with the death cold of winter!  That I doubt I will ever be “thankful” for.  I am blessed to live in a place that is warm enough in the winter that I usually have to drive at least 40 minutes to find snow.

So why am I thankful for Sweater Weather? One reason is because I’m not the only one wearing them anymore.  In mid-August, I had to wear a sweater or jacket into work everyday because the air conditioning was on so high!  Sometimes I would get dressed specifically with the office in mind and not think about what kind of temperatures I will have to deal with after work.  100 degrees does not exactly agree with a sweater.  When I go to the movies, no matter what time of year, I usually like to have a jacket with me.  I am such a wimp.

I also love the the style of Sweater Weather.  Every time I go onto Pinterest, there is always another super cute fall outfit that I adore… I wish I had a deeper wallet 😉  But seriously though.  There is something about the style during Sweater Weather that is beautiful.  There is so much more you can do once it starts to get cold.  Boots and scarves come out in abundance, and all of those other clothes you’ve had in your closest for months on end, finally get to be used again!

Probably the biggest reason I am thankful for Sweater Weather is because of what it brings!  I love the holidays, and once it starts to be sweater weather I get almost giddy thinking about the holiday season.  Right now, even though I am still unpacking from our move and we don’t have any of our own decorations, I am getting excited to decorate! I want so badly to decorate for Thanksgiving right now, but, I don’t have decorations… and I’m kind of a penny pincher 🙂

Nothing too fancy or in depth today, but I love Sweater Weather. What is your favorite thing about it?

See you tomorrow!


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