November 2, 2015

My husband and I just moved into a new home.  Since we have been married, we have been living in a temporary place while we waited for this house to be available.  Not wanting to unpack everything, we decided to use what was in the cabin one of our family members generously let us use for the time being.  We hadn’t used any of our dishes, most of our towels have been in boxes untouched, and our silverware wasn’t even unpacked yet.  Needless to say, I had a lot of cleaning to do.  So, since moving in on Sunday, I’ve been using machines quite a lot!

I ran about 3 loads of our brand new dishes through the dish washer, probably about 8 or so loads of clothes through the washer (since we didn’t want to bring any bugs back from the cabin), and have used our new pots, panini grilland pans as well as our Bosch mixer for dinner!  That is a lot to clean.  Thank goodness for machines!

To continue on a little bit from yesterday’s post, I thought of how blessed I am to have those machines, especially when so many people in the world don’t.  Now, I know that I may be a wimp, but if I had to wash all of those dishes and clothes by hand, I’m not sure if my hands would have entirely survived!  All of that water would have dried them out and I would have ended up with cracked hands to use to continue with the unpacking chores.  Those machines saved my life!  Not really, but they have been amazing.  Plus, I can “multi-task”.  I can put a load of laundry through while the dish washer is going, and start to unpack the kitchen all at the same time!  I wouldn’t have been able to get that much done on my own if I didn’t have machines 🙂

I’m also thankful for my car.  It helped me a lot today, just like every other day.  I made it to work on time, thanks to the car, and was able to stop by and do an errand for work on my way there!  Not only that, but I am thankful for the air compressor that I was able to use to pump up my nearly-flat tire on my car today so that I could get to work.  Again, first world problems, I know.  But really, I am so thankful that I have these amazing things in my life to help me out.

There it is.  Day 2, thankful for machinery.  So, what are you thankful for today?

See you all tomorrow!


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