The Simple Things

Hi there 🙂  Here is the first post of my Thankful Posts this year… I did these through Facebook last year (I think), and I thought it would be an awesome tradition to keep up.  So I will be posting about something I am thankful for everyday until Thanksgiving!  Enjoy!

November 1, 2015

Today in Relief Society, the lesson was on the importance of recognizing the simple things and doing the simple things in life.  I realized, as I listened to the lesson, that as we focus on the simple things, whether it be in the gospel or in life in general, that it is easy to be thankful and humble.

The sister that gave the lesson told of her experience as she went to South America to do service when she was in high school.  She claimed that thee people there were happy for everything that was given to them, they prayed for everything they had, and really didn’t ask for much. They were happy with what they had, they were thankful for their simple things. This made me think about my life.

I have so much more than so many people in the world, and yet, I still want more.  My husband and I not only have a car that runs, but we have 3 vehicles that run!  We have been blessed with a beautiful home to live in for the next year or so.  I have a great job, and I am able to be starting my career with the one I love as well!  I have plenty of clothes, jackets, shoes… We have running hot and cold water on demand, I have machines that wash my dishes and clothes for me and the push of a button, and still, I want more.

But so is life, right?  I am grateful beyond measure for all of the blessings I have.  But I, like most others I know, I often forget about how truly great I have it. Sometimes, it takes stories or pictures of people who hardly have the bare necessities to help me recognize those blessings I have.  But oh, how thankful I am for them.

Beyond the physical necessities that are so “simple”, I am even more thankful for the simple things in my life that help me become closer to my Father in Heaven.  Things as simple as reading my scriptures, communing with God, keeping the commandments and going to church to “recharge” if you will, are so so simple.  They are built into my routine just like brushing my teeth.  But I often forget about how important they really are.

These simple, daily and weekly things I do bring me closer to God.  They are the little drops of oil I put into my lamp everyday that confirm to me what I know to be true so that when I have days that I feel like the world is tumbling down around me and I am brought to my knees, I have the simple things to fall back on.  I don’t have to go out searching for something to help me through because I already have them.  I have someone that I can count on to help me heal and get through the challenges that I am blessed with that knows exactly what I am going through.  Now, if that isn’t somethings to be grateful for, I don’t know what is!

I hope you have had a fantastic day! I hope you will take some time to think about what you are thankful for today.  See you tomorrow!



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