The Temple Started it All

While I didn’t take this photo, I’m pretty sure this is what the temple looks like right about now. Owen woke up ready to eat so I grabbed him and went to open the window and could see the temple glowing in the first morning night. While temples hold a special place in my heart, this one holds an especially large chunk. This was the first temple I got to go into as a youth. The feelings I felt there were incredible and I felt as though my testimony grew a hundred fold in an instant. This is where mine and Nate’s eternal journey together began. It’s where we promised to hold each or to a higher standard and keep some pretty incredible promises to each other and God. Then, a couple years later, we felt the presence of one special little spirit for the first time and we watched our new sister-in-law Jocelyn join Tanner in those same covenents.

The second temple holds another large, chunky, special place. It’s the place I went to once a week for several years while in high school and college. It’s were I really gained a testimony of service and where I always felt the happiest. While under much stress from everything high school and college throws at you, walking through those doors always took that stress away. This is also where I made the my first covenents in the temple and got to watch my brother, Matt, do the same. It’s where my full family (mom, dad, brother, husband) got to stand together and not only feel great peace, but sense our family members who have passed on and #littleowenmckay who was close to joining the family.

So, almost a year after we found out our family was growing, I got to hold that little miracle in my arms and see this temple early this morning. How incredibly grateful I am that ours is an eternal marriage- an eternal family. We get to be together forever! That is so much more comforting now that our family has grown, now that our family tree is growing roots ♡ As Easter comes around, I’m especially grateful the tomb was empty because it was the last portion of what Christ had to do to ensure our eternal life as families. I’ve never been so grateful, so humbled, as I recognized His Grace and love for us this morning. If it weren’t for Him, none of that would have happened. That peace and relief wouldn’t have ever been felt. Our families would not be able to be together forever. Today, I am grateful.


Bumpdate: Week 32

This week was pretty cool. Pregnancy is getting more and more real, especially watching the weekly countdown get closer and closer…

Best Moments

This week has been fun because I’ve been able to see a lot more of the movements that the baby is making.  I get to see the little movements like a wave moving across my belly.  It’s really very fun and exciting.

This week I did make Welsh Cakes (which by the way are delicious!!!) 20171017_161909

Nate and I were able to go on a date night to Tuacahn, and then we carved pumpkins with the family.  Such a great, but busy week!20171022_211835

Another moment that was my favorite this past week was being able to witness one of my best friend’s wedding.  Even though I haven’t been able to get to know her husband very well, I can tell that they are perfect for each other. You can how well their fun-loving personalities mesh together and how much love they both have for life and each other. I couldn’t be more happy that they found each other.

Also, if you guys haven’t been, you HAVE to go to to One Hot Grill.  I had the best Rueben sandwich I’ve ever had.  Sooo tasty 🙂


Weirdest Moments

Weirdest moments this week have been that I literally “feel” him growing.  Almost every day I feel like he is bigger and my belly had grown even more since the night before. I wake up every morning feeling even less mobile and bending over is even harder.  I think the worst part of this 3rd trimester is how much Baby Groot LOVES my ribs.  I literally have bruised ribs on my right side and sometimes I feel like I’ve been punched :/

Most Excited For

I’m most excited to not have bruised ribs 🙂 But seriously, I’m most excited to finally have a little face to look at.  I feel closer and closer to our baby as he continues to grow, but it’s still pretty unreal. I’m excited to have a face to see, a little body to hold and love on!

Nate is “snuggling” with his little buddy ❤

Bumpdate: Week 31

This week I’ve definitely been way more tired than at any point thus far in our journey.  However, most of it could be attributed to the hectic work schedule I had.  I worked every day, Monday through Saturday… Most of them being completely crazy and without any manager/boss.  Basically, I was the highest ranked employee for 4 days… So warn out.

Not only was work crazy, but I felt like every evening I had something going on.  Monday I went straight from work to grocery shopping to making dinner, which was done by about 9:00… Which in my opinion is WAY too late to eat.  Tuesday evening was spent doing laundry, Wednesday we had friends over for dinner, Thursday I had a presidency meeting, Friday we went to the Temple with my friend who is getting married this next weekend, and then Saturday, which we thought would finally be a free, calming night turned into Nate’s sick night and helping him through that which then turned into me and the dog we were puppy-sitting sleeping on the couch all night so as not to disturb my sick hubby. All in all, I’m very excited for this week which will have about 90% less stress which means me and the baby will be healthier and we can finally calm down and let loose a bit 🙂

Best Moments

So, even though I had one of the most busy weeks I’ve had in a very long time, my favorite part or rather, my greatest blessing through it all was being able to handle it all. I honestly was worried it would be too much to handle this late in the pregnancy game and I would collapse by the end.  In a way, I did.  Nate called me during my lunch on Saturday and found me crying out of exhaustion and being overwhelmed.  But, I think that at this point, that sort of exhaustion is to be expected- especially with such a large work load.  I know I’m not Wonder Woman, so I was just glad I was able to make it through. I’m so thankful to my Savior for giving me the strength to bear my burdens through this week and sustaining me.  Going to the temple was just what I needed 🙂

Weirdest Moments

Throughout this week I have noticed interesting things happening to my body.  For one, I get weird spells of breathlessness where I feel like I’m fighting asthma and I have to cough.  Just suddenly my breath is taken away, and there isn’t anything else happening that could explain it or cause it.  Another weird and slightly annoying things has been feeling that “restless leg syndrome”.  Man, its annoying. I’ll be sitting on the couch working on a project and feel like I HAVE to move my legs or they’ll start to hurt.

I also may have felt Braxton Hicks… Not totally sure as its absolutely the opposite of what my mom described her’s being like.  One morning while I was getting ready for work, all of the sudden I got sudden crampy feeling, both in my lower abdomen and back, like I get during my monthly visitor (if you know what I mean).  It was slightly concerning because when I research these practice contractions, I don’t really find anything that says they should hurt or feel like those sort of cramps.  The only thing that made me feel okay about it was that I felt the baby moving during these episodes so I figured it couldn’t be too bad. Thankfully I get to see my doctor tomorrow so I can ask about it then.

Another weird moments happened today during church.  I was sitting in Young Women when I noticed how much my body was “attracted” to my chair.  That is the only was I can think to really explain the feeling.  I just finally noticed my extra weight that I’m not used to carrying and it really felt like I was stuck in my chair.  I really doubt that makes any sense to anyone else, but I thought it was a weird sensation.

Most Excited For

Short term, I’m excited to have a break this next week, but really I’m most excited for the nights back when my body is my own.  Yes, I know I’ll be getting up all night to feed our baby and change him, but to be able to roll over in bed without discomfort or feeling like I’m pulling tendons as the weight of my belly pulls to the other side will be amazing.  Most nights now are pretty restless as I’m constantly changing positions, which when I do, I’m completely aware of and have to reposition my pillows every time.  It will be nice to be able to move around in my sleep.

Here is to this next week!  Less work, time to catch up on things I’ve needed to do for days now, and not having to run the store 😀 I hope your life will be as good as mine will be this week!


Bumpdate: Week 30

Holy cow! What a difference this week has been compared to last week.  The only thing that lingers on is heartburn, but sadly I think that’s going to continue through the end 😦

Best Moments 

Highlight of this week was definitely my baby shower that my lovely mom threw.  We had a great turn out and people were so generous!  I’m always amazed at how amazing, helpful and kind people are!  We are almost set 🙂 Obviously, we don’t have “everything” but we are just about to the point that if I had this little guy tomorrow I wouldn’t panic too much 🙂  I think the only thing I’m really trying to get figured out is the dresser situation. My sweet, sweet Great-Grandma gave me a little “dresser” as she called it, but I’m not sure how much clothing it will actually hold, so I’ll have to use it for other items.

Rock and Play Electric Rocker

(Sad thing, I’m sure there were a few people that we didn’t get an invitation to… Nothing personal, we just did it all on Facebook and to be honest, I’ve got major pregnancy brain as of late so there were several I’m sure I forgot… Very sorry! Love you all! For those in northern Utah, we are trying to get something together the last time we come up before the baby arrives, so don’t feel too bad if you weren’t able to make it! We’re trying to get something in the works)

Another favorite of mine this week was verbally hearing how excited Nate is for his “little Buddy” to come.  Almost every night as Nate and I are winding down from the day, Nate either lays on my ever-growing belly or pokes it asking if he is moving.  When he is moving, then he is soo happy.  If not, he frowns and says “Wake him up! I want him to come and play!”  Then he’ll follow it up by saying, “Can’t we just get him out right now?”  Obviously, he knows Baby Groot has to keep on growing, but it’s cute to see how exciting Nate is.  It makes me fall in love with my best friend again and again.

Weirdest Moments

I ate a hot dog.  If I’m honest, I don’t really like hot dogs all that much anyways, I’d much rather have a Brattwurst or hamburger, so don’t ask me why I actually ate a hot dog, especially when it didn’t even sound good.  But I did and I immediately regretted it.  Nastiest thing ever.  I haven’t felt more naseaus this whole time.

Second weirdest thing this week has been feeling soo heavy that everything I sit on hurts my butt 🙂  No joke, I always feel like I’m sitting on cement :/  I might start to feel bad about myself and thinking I’m fat if I didn’t have people literally every day say how little I look especially for being as far along as I am haha. Even as I’m typing this out, I keep shifting in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position.  Soon I’ll just head to bed and not worry about it anymore.

Most Excited For

Nesting has officially set in.  I’ve started to clean out and organize everything.  I did the pantry Wednesday and under my bathroom sink today right after church.  If I find the time and energy this week (working everyday Mon-Saturday…) then I might tackle the “craft closet” aka nursery closet.  This is why I’ll need a good size dresser: We have 3 closets TOTAL in the whole house- the pantry, the master closet and the closet in our second bedroom.  So, I don’t have a whole lot of space for anything, which means the “guest” or “nursery” closet has become the “craft” closet where I keep all of my craft stuff, wrapping paper, photos, important docs, sewing machine, and the like in there.  I don’t and won’t have enough space for Baby in the closet unless I get some real good organization going.

So… I’m most excited to get the nursery put all together at this point.  Ready to have it all set up and in place because 1) It’s driving me crazy thinking I don’t have it done and 2) I want to get as much complete as I can while I still am feeling this good and am mobile enough to actually do it.  I don’t think Nate gets that part of it… I’m only going to get less and less mobile, so its best to get it all done now instead of him hating me for bugging and bossing him around down the road to get things done the way I want it to be done 🙂 Peace of mind is what I’m excited for.

By the way, we are trying to decide on what kind of stroller/car seat combo to get right now.  I keep seeing Graco Click Connect travel systems that seem to hit all the criteria and not be crazy expensive… Any thoughts from you much wiser and experienced mamas out there?

‘Til next week!

Push the Cow

There is a story that I’m sure some people have heard, but that a lot haven’t had the privilege of hearing. Nate and I heard it a few months back and ever since it’s been at the center of our conversations and thoughts as we discuss those hard decisions that need to be made- especially when we talk about the things that we feel comfortable in.

A long time ago, in a primitive land, there was an old wise man and his disciple.  One day while they were traveling, they came upon a very modest dwelling.  It was a tiny shack that was barely holding itself together.  The wise man asked his disciple to go down to the home and talk to whoever lived there and see the condition of the family and to bring back any food he could from them.  The disciple did as he was asked, having full faith and trust in his master and knocked on the door.  The man of the house opened up the door to the man.  The disciple asked how he and his family were getting along and if they had any food they could spare for the weary travelers.61f3faf7d6422fea531b92a97e572d4b

The man of the house said, “We have a little cow that provides what little we get.  The little milk she provides is just enough for us to make some cheese out of. When we have extra, we take it to the village and sell it for more food.  Even though it is little, it is just enough to get us by.  While we don’t have much, what little extra we do have we will happily give to you.”


The disciple, pleased with what he heard, thanked the man for the food and went back to the wise man.  After relaying what the man of the house had said to the wise man, the wise man thought for a minute and told the disciple to go and take the little cow and push it off of a nearby cliff.

Astonished, the disciple said, “But Master, that little cow is all that the little family has to survive. She gives them just enough to make ends meet.” Without explanation, the wise man told him, again, to push the cow off of the cliff. Although frustrated at his master, but believing he knew best, the disciple did as he was told.  He went back to the shack and quietly took the cow to the cliff and pushed it off.


Many years went by and the disciple had eventually become very wise himself.  Still, the thought of what he had done so many years ago to that little family haunted him.  One day, as he was traveling, he came across the same area that the family lived so he thought he would go down and see what had become of the poor and modest family.  To his astonishment and sadness, as he came to the place where the shack had been, he saw a very nice home with beautiful pastures and vineyards surrounding it as well as several other small, but very beautiful homes.  Saddened by the thought of what had happened to the family, the wise man went down to the main house to inquire about the family.

When the man of the house answered the door, the wise man asked what had happened to the little family that used to live here. The man was puzzled, his family had lived there for generations.

“But I came through several years ago and there was a small little shack with a modest family.  What had happened to them?”

The man smiled and said, well that was my family. The wise man was astonished and asked, “Well how did that come to be? Last time I was here, you were barely making ends meet with the little cow you had.  How could you have possibly changed your circumstances so dramatically?”

The man said, “Well, not long after you had come by, our little cow wandered off and fell off of that cliff over there and died.  Because she was all we had that kept us alive, we had to learn and develop new skills that we never knew we had.  Eventually we became so skilled that we were able to build this beautiful house. Our children live in the other houses on the estate now.  It turns out that the cow that we thought was a blessing was the very thing that was holding us back from living up to our potential.”87ee9b397fe44e3971875ba518b1e299

As Renato Cardoso said, “Sometimes our dependency on something small and limited is the biggest obstacle to our growth. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to you is to push your “cow” down the cliff. Once you free yourself of the thought “it’s little but it’s certain,” or of that idea “I am not doing great but there are people who are much worse than me” — then your life will really change.”

I love this story for so many reasons.  First, it is a great illustration of how many of us hold onto things that we think are truly blessings, but actually are holding us back from our true potential and greatest happiness. How many opportunities do we let pass by because it takes us out of our comfort zone, but could actually bless us even more?

The other reason I love this story is because of the obedience the young disciple had towards his master, the wise man.  For me, this is a great parallel to us and our Father in Heaven.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch most of Conference. I was only able to listen to parts of Sunday’s morning session and the full afternoon session and the Women’s session. However, I felt like there was a theme in every talk that I did hear.  Faith.  Faith in our Savior and faith to trust in God.  That is a hard thing to do a lot of the time.  Often, we have trials in our lives that we do not understand or that cause us to wonder why we have to go through them.  However, we have to remember that we cannot see the bigger picture.  We cannot see how the trials will help us grow into the men or women we are supposed to be.  We do not understand why our metaphorical cows have been pushed off of a cliff.  The important thing is the God knows.  He only gives us trials that we can face.  He only gives us burdens that we can bear, and he knows exactly how much we will be able to grow if we have faith and trust in Him. e5293434ad0db0feedd4a6b1a0f4c90f

It is often hard for us to submit our own will to God’s.  There are so many times that we feel incredible pain and suffering that we cannot understand.  However, when we trust in God and believe that He will help us through, that is when we become stronger.  I don’t know many people that do not like super hero movies.  I’ve noticed that they each carry a similar theme through them- no matter who the producers are or who the “Hero” is.  Each of them have to struggle and fights through the seemingly impossible. But, they all do, and after they do, they are stronger and seen as the Hero.  Why do we love these movies so much? Every time Nate and I go see these, we come out of the theater feeling proud and empowered as if we had just defeated the villain ourselves.  We love those movies so much because the seemingly ordinary people step up to the challenge and face it head on- and they come out on top.  For a second, it makes us feel like we can do the same, but we rarely do.

How many of us have dreams that we have let slip by or have decided to give up on because to accomplish them would come at great cost?  How many of us would have to quit our jobs- the very thing that provides for our families? The thought of “giving up” the one thing that is providing for our family is extremely scary.  But isn’t your dream to do more, to be more and provide more for them?  Won’t your dreams give that peace of mind to your family?


Often, we do not see or recognize our cow.  Instead we think that we are living the best that we can.  That is exactly what the little family who lived in the modest shack believed.  It wasn’t until someone else pushed their cow over the cliff for them, that they began to grow and to develop into the people that they could and should become.  We weren’t put onto this earth to simply “get by with what little we have”.  I believe that we were put here to grow and develop into strong, capable people who can liberate and inspire others around us to be able to do the same.  We are children of God.  Isn’t that reason enough to believe that we can do more and be more?  God is our Father and He loves us.  So, instead of cursing Him if he pushes your cow, thank Him.  Trust that He knows you and knows what you can do.  Trust that he sees great potential in you.  He created you and wants you to become like Him.  As we see from our greatest example, Jesus Christ, we are not meant to be “ordinary” but extraordinary.  It might not always mean that we will end up having a large home with land and vineyards surrounding it, but it’s about who we are inside.  What kind of person we can truly be.


May we never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop believing in God or ourselves.  Don’t put limits on who you can become.  You were meant for so much more.

Bumpdate: Week 29

This week has been about as different as every other previous week that we’ve had during this pregnancy.  It brought many opportunities to crawl into bed and choose to make excuses, but I’ve come to realize that the more excuses you make, the farther behind you fall and the less you are able to grow- Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Relationally.  Every day is about making those conscious decisions to not back down from a challenge and that’s challenging enough, but it’s worth it in the end.

I’m sure you can tell just from the featured picture with the disheveled hair and awesome look on my face that today was horrible… So, let’s get on into it.

Weirdest Moments

First of all, I had a pretty decent head cold this week.  It started on Tuesday and I just remember feeling way tired and a little foggy in the head. I worked until 3 that day and I came home and slept for about 2 hours hoping to kick it.  As the week went on, I loaded up on Vitamin C, B3, Zinc and fluids hoping to kick it (since, you know, you can’t really take anything while you’re pregnant) but every day it kept getting worse.  Not to mention that every night, Tuesday-Thursday I had horrible heartburn that kept me up.  So not only was I having a worsening cold that made me more and more tired, I wasn’t sleeping thanks to my Acid Reflux that I’ve dealt with for about 5-6 years now.

Thursday night was definitely the worst.  I had to prop my pillows up in just the right way to keep the acid from building, but it wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep so Friday was horrible.  I woke up after a very restless night with a hot forehead, extremely stuffed nose, and insanely tired.  I sat up in bed and cried cause I was that tired.  Luckily, I was able to be distracted at work so I didn’t have a chance to dwell on how tired I was.  However, I got home and crashed.  That was the best sleep I’ve had in about a month.

1: Back supporter pillow, 2: Belly supporter pillow, 3: Blanket to support a gradual incline, 4: Head pillow

Saturday, I felt a little better, but still felt like I had to stay away from the world, so I ran the register all day, but finished the evening out well.

TODAY: Most definitely the weirdest I’ve had, and the worst.  I woke up wide awake at 4:00 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I made my meal plan, grocery list, invitation for our Halloween Party and “shopped” on Amazon for baby things.  I had gotten up to run to the bathroom and moved around enough in bed for my body to think it was time to get up so by 5:00 my stomach was growling, but I pushed it aside thinking I’d be fine.  Worst lie I could’ve told myself.  Finally, by about 6, I was able to fall back asleep for about an hour and a half until the chickens next door started screaming at a dog or something.  We got up and got ready and headed to my parents’ house for breakfast around 9:45. By that time I was starving. I can’t express that enough. So, before breakfast was ready, I started to eat a small portion of an apple Danish, eating slowly since I know how nauseas I get if I eat too quickly on an empty stomach.  Well, I ate too much or too quickly or something, because I didn’t keep the Danish down for 5 minutes.  First time during the pregnancy I had to purge- and it sucks. Especially when I’ve got a 15 in baby inside of my belly.  I thought it would be a one-and-done sort of deal, but no. I kept heaving. 5 times of bile and body retching vomiting.  It left my stomach with cramps and my back aching.  I couldn’t move for at least an hour after I had finished.

Me, trying to smile even though I’ve had a crappy day

Basically, I didn’t eat anything except Saltines until about 4 o’clock today. I was able to eat Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (mostly the broth) and then an hour later I was finally able to eat the rest of the breakfast I had begged my mom to make (our Christmas tradition: Monkey Bread.  I wanted to make sure I got it this year since I have no clue what Christmas will be like this year :))

Best Moments

Tuesday: I was able to sit down and have a creative outlet.  I don’t remember when I started, but I’ve been doing personalized cutting boards for people when they get married and Tuesday I was able to crank out the ones I was giving to my co-worker.  It’s such a stress reliever and fun way to release. I only wish I had gotten a picture of the larger cutting board. That was the best of these 2.


Wednesday: we got to babysit our friend’s 2 little girls which meant dinner beforehand.  This is one of the most genuine families and most generous as well, so anytime we get to spend with them is a pleasure 🙂 It was also fun to see how Nate and I handled a crying baby that was almost impossible to calm- until you bring out pictures of puppies 🙂

Thursday: Got to spend the day with my mom and brother. Mom and I finished my skirt that I had to make for one of my best friend’s wedding- which is always awesome to accomplish something like that 🙂 Thank goodness, my mom is so skilled and able to see the bigger picture! It turned out perfect and adorable, if I do say so myself 🙂 Yet another reason I can’t wait for my dear, dear friend’s wedding October 20th!!!!  Later that day we also went to get a pedicure which was much needed. I haven’t been able to reach my toes for about a month and I couldn’t stand to look at my feet… Nasty.  Oh, and we laughed so hard my mom and I both cried!  My brother just looked at us like we are goofs, but it was sure fun!

Most Excited For

After this week, I’m most excited to have my body be my body.  Then if I get sick I don’t have to worry too much about my sweet little parasite.  But if I’m being honest, I’m way excited to see our little man’s feet and hand prints as he moves.  This week we finally have been able to see his movements which has been especially great for Nate, but it just makes us that much more excited to see even more!  I can’t wait to meet this little guy!

Hopefully, the rest of my pregnancy doesn’t consist of too many more crazy ailments like I just told way too much about today.  But honestly, I’m writing this more for my and my children’s benefit, so I’m not too sorry 🙂 I’m hoping that this week was just an anomaly and that even though I know I will get more and more uncomfortable as the due date gets closer, days like today and weeks like this week will be non-existent.


Bumpdate: Week 26 & 27

So, I kind of, maybe sort of, forgot to write last week, so this post will do double duty. Luckily, they are almost 100% different so I can compare them pretty easily.

Week 26 was one of the “hardest” weeks to date.  Not that it was really a bad week, but I was definitely more uncomfortable this week than I have been any other week. I had a lot of back pain along my spine and in my back-hip area.  Muscle “spasms” that were very uncomfortable and the feeling that I had to have my lower “hip” popped but it won’t… Ugh.

Week 27 on the other hand, was one of the easiest and most comfortable I’ve been.  Lately, I haven’t been scheduled as much as I wanted at work and this week I finally got closer to the hours I wanted and I was comfortable the entire week. Yesterday at work was crazy and I felt like I was running everywhere and doing everything all day long and yet I was fine (yay!).  However, I was only able to drink about 16 oz. of water during the whole time I was at work which is about 1/4 if not less of what I normally drink just while at work, so today I definitely am feeling it.

Weirdest Moments

Week 26: For the first time, I wasn’t able to sleep on my back. I know that saying that a lot of people will think I haven’t done the whole pregnancy thing right up to this point because “you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back”, but I’ve done my research and what I’ve found is that your body knows. If you naturally tend to roll back onto your back at night, it must be alright.

Week 27: This one doesn’t have much to do with the pregnancy, but it was still totally bizarre! I got off of work at 2 on Thursday and for some reason felt like I should go visit Nate at work.  So, I talked to Nate for a while then he decided he could head home and do some work there.  He got in his car, but it wouldn’t start.  It didn’t even sound like it was trying… After so many troubles with the car, this kind of made up my mind that we were done with it. Luckily (or maybe I was just lead by the Spirit) I was there with Nate so I was able to help him try to jump the car and when nothing worked, I could take him home.   Come to find out that Nate’s car key had lost its chip in Nate’s pants which he found later that night… Long story short, car is still running, but it was a wakeup call. We definitely realized it was time to make a change, especially with Baby Groot on his way, so we had a good and reliable car… And here it is:

Most Excited For

I think this is the same for both weeks.  As the baby’s kicks and punches and movements continue to get easier to feel, Nate and I get more and more excited to be able to see the movements 🙂 Nate especially since when I get to feel the baby’s movement all the time and he rarely gets to feel them, he is excited to get to see the movement instead of just guessing on where to feel haha.

Best Moments

Week 26: This week was nice because we were able to travel up north to see Nate’s family. We haven’t been able to go up since May so it was awesome to be able to see them and spend time with them.  Nate also was able to devote a lot of time to work while we were up there so it was a very productive weekend! We also got a little bit of time to run up for a few hours and see my Great-Grandma Kemp (who is 100 by the way).  I know that seeing different faces always brightens her day and she always brightens ours, so it is nice to be able to spend any time at all with her.  I did try to convince her to hang around at least long enough to get a 5-generation photo once the baby gets here 🙂 Oh, and Utah won the game 🙂

Week 27: This had been my favorite week by far!  Baby Groot has had some AWESOME huge movements that almost make me jump but mostly smile 🙂 Wednesday night while all of us were out getting tacos at El Cayote Charro, I was able to let my brother feel him moving around. He was kind of playing, too. Matt put his hand on one side to feel him and Baby Groot moved to the other side, then right back after Matt took his hand off 🙂 It was so much fun to see the excitement on Matt’s face.

So, here is to the last trimester! As Nate was looking at our pregnancy app this morning to see how big the baby should be, he mentioned the baby is about 2 pounds right now… All I could think was “that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for the baby to gain 4+ pounds to be ready to come out”… So excited, but crazy to think how much growth still has to happen in just 3 short months.

Anyways, friends. Have an amazing week.  We pray that your week is full of productivity, positivity, and love (and that our weeks don’t end up being too unbearable :))